Trying To Find Similar Players 2.0

Last year I tried to find similar players by looking at the Euclidean distance of the average position of a players events (shots, key passes, passes etc), before going on to measure output/production as a percentage and seeing which players had the most similar averages and output numbers. While the results weren’t terrible, the method had […]

Trying to Find Midfielders

With midfielders often being the most involved in games, looking for midfielders can be tough. Midfielders are often expected to be more well-rounded than other positions, meaning it’s even more important to holistically assess their skill set as opposed to just looking at metrics in isolation. With this in mind I thought it’d be fun […]

Window Shopping: Trying to find a new striker for West Ham

Since the summer window of 2013/14, if you include loan signings and free agents, West Ham have signed 11 strikers. However, despite averaging just under two new strikers a season, West Ham still seem to be having problems with who leads the line. Andy Carroll has frequent injury problems, missing 32 games since the start […]

Window Shopping: Per Possession and Two Bundesliga Left-Backs

While the January transfer window isn’t seen as the best time to buy players, many clubs will most likely still look to bring people in this winter. To try and find some players I thought it’d be interesting to implement a per ‘possession’ way of normalising the numbers and seeing what interesting names pop up. […]

Exploring Expected Goals With StrataBet Data: Part Three – Creativity II

Following on from part two which looked at the action that preceded a shot, part three will take a step back and look at the secondary assist – the action before the action that preceded the shot. The secondary assist isn’t something that is regularly recorded in football but provides an interesting look at players […]

Exploring Expected Goals with StrataBet Data: Part Two – Creativity I

After looking at how the defensive side influences the expected goal value of a shot in part one, part two will look at how the attacking side impacts a shots value by looking at what action preceded it. The plot that I used in part one to show how the probability of a goal decreases […]

Window Shopping: 5 Transfers You May Have Missed This Summer

After such a hectic summer with transfer records being repeatedly broken and big names constantly linked to moves away there’s quite a few moves that seemed to slip under the radar. Here are five you may have missed. Vincenzo Grifo to Gladbach Continuing his impressive form from Freiburg’s promotion season, where he scored 13 non-penalty […]

Window Shopping: Four Young Players Entering Their Last Year Of Contract

With the previous piece of Window Shopping looking at two of the biggest names in football entering their last year of contract I thought it’d be interesting to find some more players who’s contracts are up in 2018 and could be available as good value buys for clubs this summer. The rules for this piece are […]