Vertical Passing 2.1: Distance and Clustering

After defining what a vertical pass is in Vertical Passing 2.0, and being satisfied with the results, the next step is to start breaking these passes down and looking at the different types of vertical passes. This came about after a short conversation with @SaturdayOnCouch,¬†who has also done some interesting things looking at different pass […]

Vertical Passing 2.0

Having previously looked at vertical passing in relation to Everton last season, one of the main issues was with defining a vertical pass. The method I used said a pass couldn’t be more than 10 units either side of the start point and must be forwards. This meant a lot of passes that weren’t actually […]

Looking Into Leicester’s Hire Of Claude Puel

After an 8th place finish and League Cup final in his first season at Southampton, it seemed as though Claude Puel was unlucky to lose his job with the Saints. A poor end to the league campaign saw them only win 1 of their last 8 and go 5 home matches without scoring. Southampton decided […]