Exploring Expected Goals With StrataBet Data: Part Three – Creativity II

Following on from part two which looked at the action that preceded a shot, part three will take a step back and look at the secondary assist – the action before the action that preceded the shot. The secondary assist isn’t something that is regularly recorded in football but provides an interesting look at players […]

Exploring Expected Goals with StrataBet Data: Part Two – Creativity I

After looking at how the defensive side influences the expected goal value of a shot in part one, part two will look at how the attacking side impacts a shots value by looking at what action preceded it. The plot that I used in part one to show how the probability of a goal decreases […]

Exploring Expected Goals with StrataBet Data: Part One – Under Pressure

Expected goals has quickly become the main metric in measuring both team and player performances over recent seasons, but it still isn’t without its flaws. One big flaw that is usually referred to is that it doesn’t take into account the actions of the defensive side. A shot from the penalty spot is treated the […]